Jaipur the largest city of Indian capital Rajasthan in Northern India is best known for its beauty and socially rich legacy. Basically, the city is known as the Rajput princely state. The city was founded in 1727 by Jai Singh the king of Ajmer who ruled from 1699-1773. One of the most important things he considered while planning this city was the structural design and even consulted several books for making the matchless architecture. With the dominant color scheme of its buildings, the city attains the beautiful label of ‘Pink city’.

Catchy with the ancient puppets dance

Started with the medium of entertainment puppets fetched popularity globally. The aesthetic art ever seen is originated from ‘ Kathputlis making’ with the base of wood and dolls available in folk tales and ballads. No social gathering in Rajasthan is charming without ‘ Kathputlis’.

World famous Pottery craft is all amazing

It is said that the business comes from the roots. You are best in what makes your earning absolutely and the same happened in the case of land of sands. People of Jaipur understood the worth of sands and took out the quality from these dunes, which could be just a matter of mere visuals. Ancient people started creating pottery and slowly these achieved world famous value and people across the country started coming here to buy their pieces for decorating homes, lawns, and offices.

Stunning ‘Hawa Mehal’ the most precious asset of the city

The celebrated ‘Palace of the winds’ or Hawa Mehal is one of the outstanding holiday-maker allure of Jaipur city. Hawa Mehal is constructed in Pyramid shape and its 953 windows or ‘ Jharokhas’ which are decorated with intricate designs. The main intention behind the construction of this palace was to facilitate the royal women with a view of everyday life through the windows.

Lively Culture

The rich and prosperous Jaipur culture is again what you can’t afford to overlook at all. The old Rajasthani culture, highlighting in architecture, language, clothing, songs, art & craft and above all, the Rajasthani lifestyle make it a must-visit place ever. The warm welcome by locals and their music is the foundation of the beauty of this place.

Mouth-watering Desserts

Jaipur desserts are quite famous and can surely salivate your taste buds with its amazing and peculiar sweets, including, the world famous Phenni, jaggery version-Til Patti, Ghevar, Chrma, Imarti, Gulab Sakri, Doodh ke Laddoo, Kullhad Lassi and many other popular sweets will just make your day.
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