The Jama Majid or Friday mosque is the main mosque of Shahjahanabad and stands ten meter above the level of the city. It was built by the 5th Mughal emperor Shah Jahan between 1650 and 1656, it was his last construction of life. It served as the imperial mosque until 1857.

Jama Masjid is oriented towards mecca, an open courtyard of the mosque building is at least 99 meters and capable of holding 25000 devotee which makes it the largest mosque in India. There are three entrance gate north, east , south wide flight of steps lead up to the gate. The four watch tower used for security. There are 40 m high minarets standing.


It is across the road from the Red Fort. The nearest metro is Jama Masjid on the Violet Line.

Travel Tips

Visitors should remove their shoes before entering the mosque. At the gates you will find the place where some looks after your shoe for a tip of Rs 10 or 20. Or bring a bag to carry your shoes inside.

Dress conservatory covering your head legs and shoulder. At the entrance you can rent an attire in case your dress is not appropriate.

If you wish to climb the minaret there is a fees of Rs 300 for foreigners. The tower is very narrow, with not much room and no light, it is suggested for female traveller to be accompanied by a male.

There is no entrance fees to the mosque

Camera fees (Mobile is considered as camera) is Rs 300.

To climb minaret Rs 300

Open all days of the week

Timings 07.00 Am to Noon , 13.30 to 18.30

Visitors are not allowed during prayer hours

Things to do near by

If you like to try authentic Old Delhi food then go to the Karims or Al jawahar opposite gate no 1 of the mosque.

We suggest to rent a traditional rickshaw or join a guided walking tour to explore Chandni Chowk, colourful street, havelies and Asia largest spice market.