Mumbai previously known as Bombay is the largest city of India and fondly called city of dreams. Home to Bollywood and capital of finance is in all ways a mega city driven by power, wealth, glamour and fame, which attracts people to give shape to their dreams and aspiration. A great historical background, wonderful British architecture, museums, beaches and mouth watering food.

Places to visit in Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple: is the most popular place of worship in Mumbai

Shop at Dadar market:  A shopper’s paradise, the market at dadar is very famous for the purchase of day to day goods like dress material, imitation jewellery, purses, clothes and sarees.

Haji Ali Dargah: A tomb on an island in the middle of the Arabian Sea. The edifice is brilliant specimen of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture.

Elefanta cave Island: Located 10 kms from Mumbai not only is the island host to a bounty of nature in the form of lush plantations of palm, mango and tamarind trees but is also home to ancient cave temples that have been carved out of rock and which have been declared a World heritage site.

Take a Bollywood tour: For anyone who comes to Mumbai, Bollywood is always high on the itinerary. It gives you opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes as you visit the sets of films or television programmes.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum: formerly known as Prince of Whales museum. The museum has a representative collection of various forms of art from the Indian Subcontinent and also to a certain extent work of art from China, Japan and European countries.

Mount Mary Church: The church is highly significant not just for Christians but also for people who belong to different faiths and religions also called Basilica of our lady mount.

Marine Drive: Marine drive is a long stretch that has been made by the Arabian sea and its stretches up to 3.5 kms. Also known as the queen necklace because of the long stretches that light sup at night and looks similar to a pearl necklace.

Dhobhi Ghat:

Be on the beach: the two most popular beaches are Juhu and Chowpatty.

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